From fruit to chocolate

We produce organic cocoa and artisan chocolate products. Our gourmet chocolate bars are especially confectioned with the best varieties of Puerto Rican organic cocoa

Our goal is to cultivate, produce and export the world’s best organic cocoa in Puerto Rico.

A bit about us

“We always loved chocolate but cacao was not locally grown in Puerto Rico back then. We discovered wildly grown cocoa pods at our parents’ farms and started confectioning our first chocolate bar.” – Founder

The farm follows permaculture principles, which simulate or directly utilize the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. All our farming processes are done naturally and free of any man-made chemicals.

Upcoming Events


Visit Hacienda Jeanmarie Chocolat and learn the principles of grafting. This workshop covers the theory and practice of grafting: an important horticulture technique to induce the propagation of desired cacao varieties.

Full Farm Tour

Come and learn the story of Jeanmarie Chocolat, the mission and vision of “Proyecto Pais”. This tour includes: a guided walk through the farm, with the founders, a taste of Jeanmarie’s fine chocolate and other homemade goodies.

Take a walk through our nursery…

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