Connecting our consumers and farmers

Jeanmarie Chocolat wants to provide a unique experience to our customers who love chocolate of a special quality. Our traceability system will provide the necessary information to be able to connect the producer farmer with the consumer and at the same time it will give us a record of all the activities required to produce a world class product. To achieve this objective, we support our farmers with the development of technology that helps them manage the production processes of their cocoa crops more efficiently. We are developing a sophisticated system for recording agricultural activities required in each project. This tool is being
designed and developed in conjunction with the company specialized in agricultural applications CultivateAI.diseñada y desarrollado en conjunto con la compania especializada en aplicaciones agrícolas CultivateAI.

Informing to enrich the chocolate experience

Through the collection of data registered in the application, it will be possible to identify the characteristics of the cocoa produced in each farm. The data will be recorded from the genetics of cocoa, environmental factors and others that may affect the quality of the production of each farm. To connect the consumer with each agricultural project and its administrators, a QR code will be printed on each package of our products. The consumer can scan the code and will obtain information about the farmers, the agricultural project, its location and information that will allow the consumer to contact the producer. Our goal is to document all processes from cultivation to the final product. Our objective is to register all the processes that affect the unique quality of our chocolate. We want to have a controlled, documented and transparent process for the benefit of all.